In 1998 I used trueSpace to model and render the Grand Staircase. The lighting has
never been done properly so I'm going to use Softimage XSI to render it in.

Instead of bring in the old mesh from trueSpace I decided to remodel it in Rhino. From Rhino it will
be exported to XSI. Below are some of the first test renders in Softimage using
an ambient occluded shader. I have also included some Rhino screen shots.

Titanic's Grand Staircase

As you can see the test render in Softimage is a small sampling of what's modeled in Rhino, I am currently testing iges import into XSI. The test rendering is obj files exported from Rhino.
Ambient occlusion
rendering in xsi

Screen shot in Rhino 3

Top down screen shot in Rhino 3
Screen shot in Rhino 4 WIP
This shows Sporph
command on the railing
Ambient occlusion
rendering in xsi

The columns and the floors are nurbs objects brought into XSI using IGES files, the rest is mesh imported using obj files
Progress Screen shot in Rhino 3
I haven't had to much time to work on it but I did a quick test on a wood shader created in DarkTree
A little more work put into the wood texture,I used a mixture of DarkTree and XSI to created a wood shader with a clear coat finish
Close up of wood rendering in xsi
Finally, another update on the modeling...
Now I'm finally closing in on it. The cherub is in it's early stages.
Ambient Occlusion rendering done in XSI
Test rendering done in XSIFirst